Episode 5: Mark Spain – “You may be smarter than me, but I’ll outwork you”

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Mark Spain doesn’t care how smart you are — he will outwork you. If you show up at 6am, he’ll be there by 5am. If you work until 5pm, he’ll work until 6pm. He’s one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met (and freely admits this in this episode of SamSpeaks!)! And while being competitive is a key ingredient to success, there are so many other factors that you must have and endure; persistence, consistence and hustle to name a few.

Mark may speak very quietly, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s a casual guy. He knows the real estate business inside and out, frontwards and backwards. And what’s even more impressive to me is how happy he is to share everything he knows, and has a passion for teaching others (trust me, this is a rare quality so when you have someone like Mark on your show, you want to make sure to listen and take notes). He’s also a businessman who’s worked at the big franchises (RE/MAX and Keller Williams) and now helms his own shop, Mark Spain Real Estate.

Since it’s his name on the door, he works that much harder. It’s his brand, it’s his style and it’s his business from start to finish. And while you may just think it’s a “business”, I’ve learned from Mark that you can have a business, or you can have a well oiled machine…something he has and what everyone should work towards in whatever industry you are in. There are so many real estate brokers out there opening up “shops” thinking it’s easy peasy and a quick way to make money, but if the systems aren’t in place, if the machine doesn’t have all the necessary parts, or the parts aren’t functioning properly, whatever is running, will ultimately collapse. Always have some type of plan in place, understand the brand and business you’re trying to build, and build slowly and properly, just like Mark.

When it comes to hiring, he doesn’t want to see your 4.0 GPA. He wants to see your grit. He wants to know what you’ve had to overcome, and how that made you hungry. He wants to see your hustle.

I’ve always attributed my success not to my bachelors degree, not to my fancy MBA, but to the fact that I never, ever, under any circumstance, give up. And in hiring, I look for those same qualities. I want my readers to know that this business is a struggle. It’s not all rainbows and skittles, but truly a hustle with no guarantee of return. I want to know that even after the first few months of prospecting and not seeing huge results, that you’re still going to stick around and continue to push because you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you understand the big picture.

In this episode, yes, you’ll learn about building your own business and the blood, sweat and tears that go into it. But, you’ll also learn how to incorporate balance and routine in your life so that you aren’t a one-hit wonder.

Here’s what you’ll find in this episode:
0:45 Why did Mark make the jump from a franchise to his own firm?
3:15 How did Mark decide that a team approach was the right approach?
4:30 What does Mark look for in a team member?
6:55 How do identify the future stars and nurture their talent?
9:30 How does Mark balance his brand and clients’ expectations?
11:05 How does Mark keep his team on their toes?
15:00 What’s Mark routine like and how does it shape his work flow?
18:30 What’s the secret to communication and avoiding conflict?
19:50 What are Mark’s tips for success?

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